Description :

Domestic sewage treatment system

Domestic Household Sewage Treatment Plant allow you to reuse all your household water for keeping lawns and gardens lush and green. Our sewerage systems act as a digestive system using a unique cyclic fully aerobic sewage treatment process. This means there is no septic process, so no septic smells, it’s environmentally friendly producing nutrient rich water to reuse on gardens, and is cost efficient to run (only half the running cost of other aerobic sewerage systems).

The heavy-duty polyethylene sewerage plant tank is up to 20mm thick and is, weight for weight, 100 times stronger than concrete. The material has a 500 year half life. There is no risk of seepage, leaking or root intrusion. The tank is not affected by the acidity of sewage. Polyethylene materials are often used to store hazardous chemicals.

The mechanical components are all designed and constructed to ensure years of effect, trouble free service, and are backed with a full manufacturer's warranty.

Our domestic package sewage treatment plant tank has a 15 year warranty.