Description :

Our R. O. Plants have proved to be highly effective in treating water as they involve amalgamation of innovation, technological advancement and unparalleled quality. Additionally, these plants efficiently treat unfit ground water and turn it into quality water that is fit for drinking and also for industrial use. The plant employs reverse osmosis membrane technology to desalinate and purify brackish water. Our plant is highly efficient, compact and can be easily installed. We offer our service at highly economical prices with vast product range.

We bring cost effective comprehensive solutions for color hard and brackish water through our Reverse Osmosis Plants. Our reverse osmosis plants assist in removing various bacteria, lead particles, cysts and organic chemicals from the contaminated water and correspondingly, reduce the risk of anemia, cancer, kidney damage and high blood pressure. Moreover, these plants are designed efficiently reducing waste, less energy consumption and giving pure and hygienic water. Our plants can be fabricated in variable capacities as per client demand. Our prices are very reasonable as compared to others in market. Moreover, our plants find extensive usage in:

Reverse Osmosis (Process Explanation)

Reverse osmosis may be defined as membrane technical filtration method, which involves a selective membrane. this membrane do not allow large molecules or ions through the pores (holes)to pass, but allows smaller components of the solution (such as the solvent) to pass freely. Further, by applying pressure to the solution when it is on one side of a selective membrane, the solute is retained on the pressurized side of the membrane and the pure solvent is allowed to pass to the other side. Since the two streams of liquid flow side by side to each other this process is also called cross flow filtration process.

Application :

  • Drinking Water
  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Ion Exchange Pre-treatment
  • Beverage Production
  • Hotel Resorts
  • Bottle Water Factories
  • Dairy Industries