Description :

Probably you have heard that you are likely to take more chlorine into your body from your shower than from the water you drink. The skin soaks up chlorine readily, and you breathe in much air-borne chlorine in the shower. A good shower filter protects you and adds to the pleasure of showering. Your skin, your hair, and your eyes will feel the difference.

Shower filter technology is a challenge. Filter carbon, which is the hands-down champion at chlorine removal, has limited effectiveness in shower filters, where a small amount of the filtering agent is required to handle a large amount of water quickly. Hot water adds another challenge for carbon.

We carry both the standard white plastic model and the heavy-duty all brass chrome model. We sell the filter only without a shower head, since we've found that most people throw away the plastic showerhead that comes with shower filters anyway and replace it with their original shower head.